Made in our factory in Malnate

Paolo Albizzati tie is a luxury product and respects the most rigid quality requirements. Take a look at our Factory in Malnate Italy to find out how we make our ties. Mr. Paolo Albizzati started his business in 1975. Our Factory ALBY has been making own ties for over forty years now. And the process of tie-making remains the same. Our artisans work in the Factory since they were 16 years old. Their skills are our strength and precious value.

Cutting the Tie

First the cloth is cut in panels. From there, the worker uses the plastic shape to design the cutting lines with the tailor chalk. We produce different shapes of ties. Our clients can choose any shape and length for their ties: from the “bottle shape”10 cm to narrow 5 cm, from 145 cm to 160 cm and longer. Usually the choice of the shape depends on where customer lives and the menswear traditions of that country. However for the last 5 years Paolo Albizzati ties are 7 cm or 8 cm (around 3 inches) wide.

Sewing three pieces of the tie

Once the cloth is cut, we join the three component pieces of the tie together - the blade, the neck and the tail. Than we sew a tip on the tie.

Seven folds untipped handrolled tie

Making ties without tip has become trendy. It looks more artisanal and tailored. Some wool, cashmere or grenadine ties are particularly beautiful made untipped with ties edges rolled by hand. The untipped tie is very luxury looking because you can see the manual stitching. It requires a lot of time and excellent sewing skills to make handrolled edges. The most precious model is 7 Folds Tie untipped and handrolled. This tie has no interlining. It is made of folds of the fabric. We use double amount of fabric to make our 7 fold tie. This tie is super soft and fits perfectly. The knot looks amazing. All those 7 pleats with handrolled edges look like work of art. It’s very long way to make a tie, but the results speak for themselves.

Hand rolled pocket squares

PAOLO ALBIZZATI brand is also famous for luxurious pocket squares. We select only top quality cashmere, cottons, linens, wools and silks for our pocket squares. Each pocket square is made by hand. That's why it looks so sartorial and refined. All print designs for our pocket squares are exclusive and unique.

Quality control

All Paolo Albizzati products are subjected to final quality control to ensure that every aspect of them is perfect.


We carefully prepare every shipment. We ship worldwide. For the products bought online please check our shipment and returns policy.