The Interview with Fabio Albizzati at Chateau Marmont Los Angeles CA


How did you start?


My parents used to make ties in the basement of my house. So I started to breath it since I was child. I helped my Mom to make “V” of Valentino Embroidery. I learned how to cut a tie. I even cut my finger. We made ties for almost all famous brands in the world. For me it still remains the important source of inspiration.


What else inspires you?


I get my experience going around the world. New places, new vibes excite me.  I like visit my agents and customers personally. I talk with them and watch their differences and how they interpret personal style. I try to embrace the New, the Contemporary in our collections.


Who are your customers? Why they choose “Paolo Albizzati”?


My customers don’t stay in one place all time; they move a lot. They buy accessories more for a pleasure than for seasons. I don’t think there are seasons anymore.  These gentlemen don’t actually follow trends; they definitely have their own rules. They appreciate the innovative fabrics, wearability and are obsessed with details and Italian craftsmanship. Our accessories feel luxury in any single aspect but it is understated “silent luxury”.



What does “elegance” mean to you?


Elegance is a mix of elements. As Italian I have big advantage to be elegant because we grow surrounded by beauty, traditions, excellent food and wine. I wear my clothes naturally and go bold sometimes but without exaggerating.


Can you describe a well-dressed man?


First of all, it should come from inside: education, respect the others, knowing good manners.

Well, about clothes: just dress the way you feel most comfortable. It is better when clothes are made “su misura” by experienced tailor. You can never go wrong with navy blue lightweight wool suit, may be Tasmanian Loro Piana, perfectly cut white shirt and “Paolo Albizzati” navy Grenadine Tie.


What is your current mood?


Wide awake.

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