Paolo Albizzati

Italian Craftsmanship

Paolo Albizzati ties and accessories are truly luxury products. We respect the most rigid quality requirements in all stages of production. Take a look at our family-run Factory in Malnate Italy to find out how we make our ties.

Since 1975

Mr. Paolo Albizzati started his business in 1975. The brand is named after him. The family traditions are our solid roots. The process of tie-making still remains the same. We also produce pocket squares, scarves and bandanas in our Factory. Our artisans have worked here since they were 16 years old. Their skills are our strength and precious value.

How we make our Ties


First the cloth is cut in squares. Our tailor uses molds to design cutting lines with chalk. Paolo Albizzzati normally produces different shapes of ties. Our bespoke clients can choose any shape and length for their ties: from 10 cm to narrow 5 cm, from 145 cm to 160 cm and longer. Bespoke ties are getting very popular.

paolo albizzati luxury man

Sewing the tie

Once the cloth is cut, the three component pieces of the tie are sewn together - the blade, the neck and the tail. The interlining inside a tie is invisible but a very important part of a tie. It gives an “anima” (soul in italian) to a tie. The interlining determines the weight, the shape and the softness of the tie. Any tie is handmade. If a tie has no tipping,, our artisans make precious rolls by hand.  Making ties without a tip has become trendy. Untipped ties  look more artisanal and tailored.

paolo albizzati italia

Quality Control

All Paolo Albizzati products must pass a rigid final quality control to ensure that every aspect of them is perfect. However, because we work only with natural materials like silk, cashmere, wool and linen, some irregularities are possible. They should be considered as precious proof of luxury and uniqueness of each piece. 

If you have any doubt,  our customer service will answer any queries. Paolo Albizzati offers easy returns in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. 

Hand rolled pocket squares and bandanas

After decades of experience in making neckties Mr. Paolo Albizzati decides to extend the exceptional craftsmanship of his Factory to the production of handmade pocket squares, scarves and bandanas. The design team works on development of exclusive patterns, sources precious and innovative materials, makes necessary tests of color combinations, comfort and wearability of fabrics. We study trends and lifestyles of our clients around the world. We consider their changing habits and needs and we make necessary updates to our seasonal collections. We are committed to offer the Italian luxurious ties and accessories that are durable, easy to wear and create value to our customers.


One of the most important goals of Paolo Albizzati Brand is to make our luxury products accessible everywhere. You can buy from any part of the world and be sure that your purchase will arrive in time and you can make easy returns. We collaborate only with carriers who can guarantee the top logistics.  We also provide customer service, in case you have any questions, you can contact us anytime.