Mastering The Smart Casual Style

Recently the vision of masculine elegance has changed. Many offices have introduced more relaxed dress codes shifting from formal suits to more casual outfits. We’ve got more freedom to express ourselves also with garments. For those who want to be stylish and well-dressed here is a guide to a Smart Casual dress code. The smart casual is a perfect balance between relaxed, functional and versatile and trendy, elegant and tasteful.

We should check our lifestyle first. Then select our favorite outfits we always wear. It is smart to be aware of who you are and grateful to what you already
have. Then we start to refine our personal style by adding a sartorial touch, selecting clean shapes, precious natural fabrics, and elegant color combinations. You may find that you just need an accessory to make your style work for you. A colorful pocket square, a warm and cosy scarf with a color combination that suits your skin tone and lightens up your eyes. You can try a silk knitted tie if a classic tie looks too formal. The knitted tie does not get wrinkles, so it is a good option for those who travel a lot.

Paolo Albizzati also offers ties made of innovative lightweight fabrics. The design of a Lightweight Linen Tie features untipped blades with elegant rolls made by skillful Italian artisans.