The Original Grenadine Ties

What is Original Grenadine Tie and Why is it so precious?

These Ties are crafted of rare and unique fabric: The Original Grenadine. The precious silk has a famous open weave texture, called “garza” in Italian. Paolo Albizzati’s Grenadine Tie is traditionally made on an antique wooden loom. Nowadays only one mill in Italy has these wooden looms. The process of making a grenadine fabric is very slow. The original grenadine is a rare and luxurious fabric.

How to wear a grenadine tie?

The Grenadine Tie is very versatile. The main advantage is that you can wear this tie both for business and for casual occasions. The grenadine ties are great with formal suits, you can wear it on wedding ceremonies. The current trend of matching grenadine ties with more casual outfits has been introduced by Italian trendsetters. They love to wear grenadines with unlined blazers, patterned linen jackets and contrasting pants. These colorful combinations look amazing especially during summer time.



What color of a grenadine tie should I choose?

A tie, an accessory in general, can be an expression of your personality, so there is no limit for colors. However the solid colors are more versatile. They are easy to match with colorful shirts, patterned blazers and jackets. The darker colors like navy blue, burgundy, brown grenadine ties are perfect for business. Paolo Albizzati also makes striped Grenadine ties and ties with tasteful small woven patterns.

Should I choose an untipped grenadine tie?

We sew into a grenadine tie a dark interlining (a body) to make sure, there is no “see through” effect close to the knot. However we want to underline the beauty of an open wave texture of the fabric and we leave both ends untipped. Our artisans make sartorial rolls of all edges by hand.